Organ Printing is almost here
By Christopher Weaver


Fascinating research is going on at the Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Anthony Atala has been working in the field of organ printing, and is getting closer by the day to producing a working kidney created in a lab. After successfully creating bladders and urethra years ago his work has led him here, to produce a wider array of organs.  Atala recently displayed a printed kidney, but with no functionality. Merely a kidney shaped tissue sack to be blunt. Other scientists have been able to print blood vessels, so we can only hope that these two concepts can come together to create a working bio-engineered organ.

His research is also being considered in the field of skin regeneration. Recently we reported on a stem-cell sprayer that drastically reduces healing time and scarring, this is an alternative to that method. In theory, a scanner would scan over a persons injuries and decided how much damage has been done. Then a “skin printer” would take the data and apply accordingly over the affected areas. Pretty amazing stuff. The following video is long and if you can’t help it skip around. You’ll want to see this printer and how it works.

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