Solarball – Solar Portable Water Generator
By Christopher Weaver


Take a minute and imagine all of the people in the world that don’t have clean drinking water. The number is over 1 billion, which is about 12% of all human life. Also 3,900 children die everyday from this global problem. Thanks to a Monash University graduate this problem may be closer to fixing than ever before thought. Instead of giant water treatment plants or delivering bottled water to every needy person out there, Jonathan Liow thinks that giving everyone a personal water treatment device is the answer.

The Solarball can produce up to 3 liters of water daily. The sphere gets filled with any water available and then the sun goes to work. When evaporation starts to occur the good water is separated from the contaminants, and the condesation is collected into a reservoir ready for consumption.

Things are looking very promising for Mr. Liow and his Solarball. The product has been named in the 2011 Australian Design Awards – James Dyson Award. It will also be exhibited at the Milan International Design Fair in April 2011. Maybe this concept will bring a great real world application for solar technology and give the entire world a way to drink clean water. I couldn’t seem to find a video very easily, but here’s a link to a video of Jonathan Liow explaining his invention.

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  • Amethyst Carpenter

    So awesome! Is there a way to purchase a SolarBall for personal consumption?