Skype Introduces Advertising in Windows Client
By James Lenhart

skype ces
A small price to pay for great service.

It’s hard to think that Skype was one of the original p2p telephony systems debuting in 2003. Now there are many copy cats, but few offer the quality of service that Skype brings. With so many devices taking advantage of Skype it only makes sense to introduce new ways of advertising. After all, most people are using their free Skype-to-Skype calling service.

They’ve recently introduced group video chat and other premium paid services that offer enormous value and savings. Especially if you’re someone that always makes international calls or likes to do video conferencing.

The new advertising strategy will start rolling out in the initial markets chosen by the advertisers. Skype has said they’ll simply place the ads in the header of the home tab and will not interrupt you during a conversation. So don’t worry about the ads taking over your experience in Skype.

Currently, only Windows users will see the new advertising.

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