iPhone 5 Has Aluminum Backing and Comes in White or Black
By James Lenhart


Guess we’ll have to wait until the iPhone 5 to get a white one.

What you see above is strictly a concept and there’s no way to tell if this is true or not. However, we feel pretty confident that this picture closely resembles the new iPhone 5 that is supposed to debut this June. You might be saying to yourself that this concept looks like the new iPad 2, and I believe that’s the point.

If you consider this picture to be real then you would understand why Apple would choose the aluminium backing. First reason being that they want a uniform design across multiple devices, and second being they couldn’t perfect their antenna by using the same steel band and glass design.

Reports from China are saying that Apple has addressed the color issue of the white iPhone, and the antenna issues of the iPhone 4.

Last week Apple surprised a lot of people by announcing there would be a white version of the next iPad including a black version. I’ve always felt that the iPhone 4 was out of place in terms of similar design across devices, but it sure is sweet looking. If anything I’m sure many people will be very excited if this picture shows any truth at all.

UPDATE : After looking at the picture for a while I’m wondering if the home button is an actual button, or if it’s just touch. Also there was a patent filed last year by Apple to conceal an antenna behind their logo, and rumors are saying that this is how they’ve fixed the antenna issue.

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