Unlimited iTunes Music Downloading is Coming
By James Lenhart


Never lose your music again.

It’s been over 10 years since the original launch of iTunes, and since then we’ve accumulated many players. We have Rhapsody, Napster, and you could even throw in Pandora and Grooveshark. One of the biggest drawbacks about purchasing music from iTunes is that once it’s downloaded that’s it. If you lose those files, or accidentally delete them, say goodbye.

Apple is working with major record labels to re-negotiate the terms, so that you can download these files as many times as you need. Essentially, you’d always have an online backup no matter where you are – which is how it should be. Comparing their music service to the way apps work, it only makes sense for them to make this change. If you¬†currently¬†purchase an app on your phone and delete it, you’re still entitled to future downloads at no additional cost.

While you can squash any rumor of a music streaming service from Apple, this report seems legit.

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