Samsung to Reconsider Price Point on Samsung Galaxy Tab
By James Lenhart


Samsung wont be the only one

There’s been a lot of shake up in the tablet industry the past couple days, and most of it stems from the iPad 2 keynote on Wednesday. Last week the Motorola XOOM was launched and to judge it’s success at this point would be inaccurate. However, it’s definitely clear that Apple is competing on a different level. Samsung’s VP Lee Don-Joo said earlier this morning that the Galaxy Tab looked “inadequate” possibly forcing Samsung to lower the price, and that “Apple made it very thin”.  He’s obviously referring to the 8.8mm thickness of the new iPad 2.

Comparing the iPad 2 to other tablets in the market is useless, and cannot be calculated correctly.

Engadget has posted a great editorial on how you cannot compare the new iPad to other competitors. It’s not fair and doesn’t even make sense. You’ve got one OS that has many apps and provides a stable environment for users, and you’ve got another that is playing catch up. Specs are no longer relevant in this game anymore, it’s about what you offer to the end-user.  Apple has ended this pissing contest, and is re-engineering the way we compute from now on.

Because of this, Samsung will be forced into slashing prices as this will be the only way to compete in the ‘tablet wars’.

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