A Closer Look at Yesterdays iPad 2 Keynote
By James Lenhart

year of the copycats

A monopoly by default?

Another great presentation put on by the one and only, Steve Jobs. He even mentioned that he didn’t want to miss this one, because of the work that had been put into the new iPad 2. Stating that this year will be “the year of the iPad 2”.

The great thing about Apple is that they can back up what they say with actual numbers. Such as, 65,000 apps made exclusively for the iPad, and over 15 million iPads sold in 9 Months – those are some serious numbers. Compare this to the competition, and all you can do is try not to piss off people who wasted their money.

Look at the amount they’re charging for this hardware and there’s no need to argue. Apple’s business model consists of having a great ecosystem, and top of the line hardware. Steve even mentions there are five iPad 2 models that are less than $799. When you layer this with the consistency of iOS, you have something that people want to buy. Check out the video below if you want more information on the new iPad 2 releasing March 11th.

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