[E12] allGeek Every Week – You’re Exactly Right, Exactly
By James Lenhart



Hello again! Thanks for checking out another great episode of aGEw, and we hope that you’ll come again. This week we talk about camoflauge and whats it like to hide from the real person you really are. At some points through out the show we actually make sense and who knows you may actually get something from this. If anything, you’ll surely be entertained and leave with a chuckle. HAHAHAHA! HAH! Seriously though I did lower the bit rate of the mp3 files so that you don’t have to spend so much time waiting to download stuff. It sounds just as fine. After all we are using Skype in combination with real analog audio. Anywayz cya for lucky episode 13 next week.

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Quick list of games this week:
2.22.11 – Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – PC – Ubisoft
2.22.11 – Bulletstorm – 360, PC, PS3 – Electronic Arts
2.22.11 – de Blob 2 – 360, DS, PS3, Wii – THQ
2.22.11 – Dreamcast Collection – 360, PC – Sega of America
2.22.11 – Everquest II: Destiny of Velious – PC – Sony Online Entertainment
2.22.11 – Gray Matter – PC – Viva Media
2.22.11 – Killzone 3 – PS3 – Sony Computer Entertainment
2.22.11 – Knight’s Contract – 360, PS3 – Namco
2.22.11 – Nanda’s Island – DS – Mumbo Jumbo
2.22.11 – Radiant Historia – DS – Atlus
2.22.11 – TINCan! Escape – DS – Mumbo Jumbo


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Tune in next week for another episode of allGeek Every Week.

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