[E10] allGeek Every Week – No Negative Vybes Here
By James Lenhart



This week we teach you a couple lessons in positive thinking, karma, and the importance of treating your brain with the utmost respect. Become amazed when you hear the extreme enthusiasm in Mr. West’s voice as he talks about all the wonderful games that are coming out last week. Huh? Wait, that doesn’t sound right… Guess you’ll just have to tune in to all the wonderful journeys taken throughout the Official AGEW, one and only, podcast. We commemorate this day by drinking in our 10th Anniversary Edition.

I would like to say please drink responsibly, and we apologize to anyone who may be offended by the word “Retarded” that was said in this podcast more than once. It was only humor, and realize how it could be taken as mean, or wrong. Sorry, we know. Bye Bye.

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What The Buzz?
  • First Strike PS3
  • Sorry I didn’t do a “TWIG” post. Believe it or not, this week has been crazy. However, here’s the list of games that got released. I have no videos, but i’ll go through them really quick just for the sake of consistency.
  • – Body and Brain Connection / 360 / 02/08/11
  • – Mario Sports Mix / Wii / 02/07/11
  • – Naruto Shippuden: Shinobi Rumble / DS / 02/08/11
  • – Test Drive Unlimited 2 / 360, PC, PS3 / 02/08/11
  • – Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll / PS3 / 02/08/11
  • – Two Worlds II / PC / 02/08/11
  • – You Don’t Know Jack / 360, PS3, Wii / 02/08/11

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