Faster Typing With SwiftKey on Android
By James Lenhart

SwiftKey has made my life more productive

This quick tip is for those on Android. It’s common knowledge that there are hundreds of Android phones out there. Many come with their own version of a keyboard, and frankly many of those versions suck. So, I’d like to tell you about SwiftKey, a simple and cheap solution to typing faster, and becoming more productive on your phone.

To download SwiftKey, just look it up on your Android Market app. There is a trial version for download, and the full version will run you $1.99 (last time I checked, which was yesterday).

This is one of the only keyboards I’ve found with a nice layout for smaller screens, and it also has a great number keyboard. SwiftKey also remembers what you’ve typed, and what your trending words are. Most of the time while using SwiftKey, I find myself rarely ever spelling out an entire word. Definitely give it a shot, and at least try the trial version.

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