Apple Rumored to Stop Selling Box Software in Stores
By James Lenhart

Apple’s Mac App Store Decreases Piracy

It comes at no surprise, but sources are reporting that Apple will ditch box software in their stores. The recent success with the Mac App Store has been great, and it benefits Apple in several ways. Customers are also more likely to purchase software if it’s easier to install, and update. So, let’s take a look at how this may affect you.

If you’re accustomed to using an app store on your phone, then this will not be foreign to you. Just link a credit card number and you’re ready to start buying anything your heart desires.

The flexibility and ease of sales will more than likely increase sales for Apple, and it will help developers at the same time. It also encourages developers to write applications that work better in an app type environment. Apple has also been known to offer discounts when buying the software via their app store vs. in an actual store.

One last benefit is the decreased percentage of pirated software. Digital downloads that are authorized to an account will be harder to steal, and harder to install on multiple machines. Not to say it can’t or won’t be done, but it’ll be that much harder. From personal experience, I’ve found it impossible to take app files from my Android phone, and install them on someone else’s phone. It just doesn’t work, and it won’t authorize. A friend of mine told me that he was able to install iOS apps on other devices without a hitch, so maybe it’s easier than I think.

On the downside, It’s just like buying a CD. Sometimes there is nothing better than spending some money, and getting a full package in return. Especially if you’re dropping $700 dollars on Photoshop. That being said, it’s inevitable that we’ll need to migrate over to this new way of purchasing software, and overall it’s much more efficient. Not to mention the green aspect of saving paper, and plastics.

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