Call of Duty BOPS – First Strike Map Pack
By James Lenhart

Zip Lines, Zombies, and Guns OH MY!

For those who play COD BOPS, this will come at no surprise, and those who don’t may find this interesting. First Strike is the first map pack to release on the newest COD game, for both Xbox 360 and PS3 (in about a month for PS3). I’ve rounded up a couple videos, and details on popular maps for those that have not played the new pack to see how it looks.

First Strike comes with 4 new multi-player maps titled Kowloon, Discovery, Stadium, Berlin Wall, and they’ve even included a bonus Zombie map titled Ascension. If you’re familiar with older COD titles, you’ll understand how much fun the Zombie map is.

Based on what I’ve gathered, it looks like Kowloon will be the next popular map among gamers. Kowloon features zip lines that can be used to travel across the map. Sounds awesome.

Without actually playing this game, I’ll keep my mouth shut before I get in trouble with the gaming editor. However, I just wanted to report that it looks like a lot of fun, and people are saying good things about. So if you’re debating on whether or not you should get it, stop and just get it.

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  • Chris West

    I stopped playing Black Ops like a month after it was released because,
    A. The lag was unbearable
    B. I broke my $90 controller because the lag was so unbearable. Didn’t feel like replacing it.
    I haven’t taken a look at the map pack because of this reason. I really feel like Call of Duty is getting played out. My friends and I used to played it all the time, but I’m the only one of them who purchased black ops.

    This is how everyone is beginning to see it:

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