[E08] allGeek Every Week – Bird Flu Eye
By James Lenhart



A Facebook packed show, full of all kinds of things like bird flu, and pink eye. Wait, that doesn’t really make any kind of sense at all, but it’s okay because really this is a show geared towards the one and only important thing in life, technology. This week in the technology realm we discuss security issues, ipv4 meltdown, and new products from mobile manufacturers, along with Sony.Make sure you leave a comment at the bottom of this post, and well be sure to get back with you.

Sorry to anyone who was looking forward to an interview. The people fell through, and have not been in touch with me since. However we are working hard to get another geek on the line, and share his or her story with everyone.

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  • Most likely to be $699, but that might only be the WiFI version. It’s possible that it might be $800 for the 4g version.
  • On Verizon 4g LTE
  • Will release on Feb 17th
  • No one was allowed to touch it at CES
  • 3 weeks later there is a release date, weird.
  • Still having my doubts on Honeycomb though.. Well see

  • For now at least
  • It will be interesting to see how long this lasts
  • Verizon recently did away with their 150mb data plan for $15 (not enough ppl)
  • Unlimited costs just double that for the iPhone at $30
  • It’s nice to be able to use a phone that has no cap, because it sucks when u can’t feel free to use something.

  • Porting your number on google voice reopened.
  • Costs $20
  • But youll also enquire (aquire?) a(n?) Early Termination Fee of whatever your carrier has set. Verizon’s is $350 dollars for a smartphone.
  • Why is it like this? Why can’t I call my carrier up, and ask them to keep my contract with a new number, and allow me to purchase my old number from them.

TWIG: Jan 24-30

  • Quick List of Games Covered:
  • 1.26.11 – Breach – 360, PC – Atomic Games
  • 1.25.11 – Dead Space 2 – 360, PC, PS3 – Electronic Arts
  • 1.25.11 – Grace’s Quest: To Catch an Art Thief – PC – Viva Media
  • 1.25.11 – Lord of Arcana – PSP – Square Enix
  • 1.25.11 – Paws and Claws Marine Rescue – DS – THQ
  • 1.25.11 – Two Worlds 2 – 360, PC PS3 – South Peak Interactive

  • Next Generation Portable will be the successor to the PSP
  • 5″ OLED screen with 960×554 resolution
  • real dual analog sticks
  • 3G and Wifi connectivity
  • GPS
  • a rear mounted touchpad?(this is a real innovation)
  • front and rear facing camera
  • accelerometer/gyroscope – same is in Playstation Move
  • Will be on the market by the 2011 holiday season

  • FASTSAT – Fast, Affordable, Science and Technology SATellite
  • 5 projects onboard including the NanoSail-D solar sail.
  • Meant to pick up space junk, and old dead orbiting satellites
  • It will take 70-120 days for the sail to return to Earth in a meteor like fashion.
  • Launched in November, and finally deployed on January 17th.
What The BUZZ?

  • Mark’s page gets hacked on Tuesday
  • French President’s page gets hacked.
  • Hacker cup 2011 for marks page only.
  • Hack cup is an ongoing hacking compeition.
  • The message read: “Let the hacking begin: If facebook needs money, instead of going to the banks, why doesnt Facebook let its users invest in Facebook in a social way? Why not transform Facebook into a social business the way Nobel Price winner Muhammad Yunus described it? What do you think? #hackercup2011,”
  • The link went to a wiki page about social media.
  • After the release of Firesheep, an easy to use “hacking program” Facebook started supporting “https” to make a secure connection even on unsecure networks.

  • In game currency for companies such as Zynga who does Farmville
  • Used to be optional, but now it is mandatory.
  • Developers were getting 100% of money, now they get a 70% cut and Facebook keeps the 30% but also takes control of the transaction process
  • attempt to break their way into sales on facebook

  • Buy a IPv6 Router
  • Dont panic, just stop drop and roll.
  • There will be 2 internets until we get switched over.
  • This is all due to lazy IT people that didn’t feel like switchin a couple cables around.

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