Happy 10th Anniversary Wikipedia
By Christopher Weaver

Wikipedia turns 10 on Jan. 15th 2011

Wikipedia, a website we all have grown to love, need, and rely on is going to have its 10th anniversary on January 15th. Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger are the co founders of Wikipedia, and they have revolutionized certain aspects of the internet very successfully. We once had to browse the vast expanses of the world wide web and sift through tons of pages, just to come across the desired information. Well those days are over. With over 17 million articles, 3,528,150 of which are in English, Wikipedia always seems to have answers for me the first time I search. There was a time when I would have been skeptical of the information found on this site, but over its 10 years it has proven to be a true resource.

Wiki, which means quick in Hawaiian, is  basically crowd created web content. Applying this to the encyclopedia has benefited us is some great ways, such as :

  1. We don’t have to cut down anymore trees to print our history on.
  2. History changes every day, so should the encyclopedia.
  3. Created by such a broad spectrum of people ensures that topics are never overlooked.

It is great to see how much a company with 27 employees can impact the world. They have climbed up the internet ranks to grip their place at number 8. With all the informational resources this site provides, one might think it would be even higher up the charts. That is, if we were all more interesting in learning. But the numbers never lie. With 365 million readers on Wikipedia, and over 500 million users of Facebook, it is easy to see where our priorities are. But, if you ever wanted to know stats like that, just look it up on Wikipedia. Thanks again to founder Jimmy Wales and his team for bringing us such a wonderful addition to life.

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