Facebook Updated Profiles go Live
By James Lenhart

Facebook says you’re gonna like this new profile

Late last year Facebook introduced a brand new way to view information about yourself and friends. Creating highlighted items, and displaying favorite activities that actually mean something to you. They’ve done a tremendous job recently in the advertising department, launching a new service called Facebook Ads. Improved profiles, and targeted ads make Facebook the top place to go when searching for someone, or something.

The option was given to users for the month of December to use the new profile design, and Facebook saw many people making the switch. Due to positive feedback they’ve taken it upon themselves to push you in the new direction too.

I know a lot of you won’t like the new Facebook, but maybe Mark has a method to his madness. Over time I’m sure you will understand, and grow to love it. It really is much more intuitive, and easier to read information.

From Facebook’s Blog

The new profile features:

  • A quick summary of who you are (like where you live, work and grew up), right at the top of your profile
  • A row of recently tagged photos so friends can see what you’ve been up to lately
  • Room to highlight meaningful friendships (like teammates, co-workers or roommates)
  • More of your favorite activities and interests
  • The ability to tag your friends in important life experiences

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