Electrify your Engine
By Christopher Weaver

Cars of the (near) Future

Electric cars were once thought to be a thing of the future. There has always been some sort of obstacle that couldn’t be overcome, and so we have been stuck driving cars that run on fossil fuels. Years ago, Toyota offered up the Prius, a hybrid gasoline electric car that got a much improved gas mileage. They have since improved their technology, but still are reliant on having a gasoline engine in the vehicle. Well say goodbye to those days, if you want a FULLY electric vehicle you can run out and purchase a Nissan Leaf for around $32,000. Here are some of the feature’s of today’s electric car:

  • 100 mile range on average (138 – 62 miles)
  • 5 passenger
  • 5 door
  • Zero EmissionVehicle
  • $7,500 tax credit with purchase
  • about $2.75 to charge from empty full

Other than the Leaf, there is the Chevy Volt, which is Chevy’s take on a hybrid gasoline electric car. Until CES that is. Not only did CES unveil some amazing gadgets and technologies, but Ford showcased the new Ford Focus Electric. Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing this vehicle until 2012. It was interesting to see this at a show about consumer electronics, but then again it is completely electric. There aren’t a whole lot of concrete details to report at this time, other than the fact that this car will charge much quicker than current technology allows. With the long charge time being a complaint with the Leaf, it is good that in one year we might see a halving of the time needed to charge an electric car.

I personally get very excited about electric cars. I think we can all agree that the greener, the better. We need to start implementing changes before we make Mother Earth too angry. Soon we will have more than just a few choices to express our inner tree hugger, when making a vehicle purchase.

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