[E.04] allGeek Every Week – The Show That Almost Died
By James Lenhart


Happy New Years and welcome to 2011 and to E04. Not much going on this week in technology but that doesn’t stop us from bringing you the best of what this geeky world has to offer. Please excuse our absence in the video department, listen to the podcast to see why there was no video this week. Email us with your questions or leave a comment were eager to respond.

Show Notes

Google Android TXT Messaging Bug

  • Jun 28, 2010 was the date Google acknowledged that there was a bug
  • Nearly 200 Devices to be fix upgraded
  • Several OS versions
  • You can go to and ascroll to bottom and report your issues too.
  • Hopefully they come out with a fix soon, Id hate to be txting my girl and my mom got the wrong message.

Malware Attached to 3rd Party Apps

  • Mainly a threat to people in China
  • Attaches to 3rd party apps specifically games
  • Sends information back to host
  • The ability to take over a phone is possible
  • Definitely something to consider when thinking about buying a smart phone
  • Security should be better on phones now.

Nintendo 3DS

  • Initial release in Japan only,
  • 3D strains the muscles in your eyes,
  • around 300 dollars,
  • children under 6 shouldn’t use 3D
  • Sony recommends talking to a pediatrician before letting kid use it,
  • switch/slider to adjust amount of 3D content.

LED Lights

  • LVX Systems deploy and support a new and patented visible light communication technology.
  • 3Mbps is currently all the bandwidth it can handle
  • LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) are essentially miniature lights that are used extensively in electronic devices, equipment and consumer products.
  • LEDs are fundamentally different from other light technologies. Fluorescent and incandescent technology use heat to produce light. LEDs don’t.
  • Lighting system lowers power consumption by 64%, from 100 watts currently to 36 watts with LED lighting

Instrument Pirating

  • 3d Printers have been around for a long time, but a recent video was posted of a musician playing a flute that was made all from a 3d printer except for the springs.
  • took a total of 15 hours
  • Musician claims it performs just as well as a regular flute. well almost…
  • Could this lead to other forms of counterfeit products in the technology industry? Such as: Mice, Keyboards, Outer Shells for phones.

Gymbox on Boxee

  • Gymbox is a great app for the boxee tv platform. New excercises each week, and your able to stream it on the fly just like with everything else on box
  • $200 Price Tag
  • Purchase From Amazon
  • has Intel Atom processor
  • experience the thrill of 1080p.
  • Follow what Facebook and Twitter friends are watching,
  • built in ethernet,
  • 2 usb ports,
  • optical digital audio.
  • If you don’t want to buy a boxee you can download the software from for free.

iOS Gets Video Calling through Skype

  • iPod Touch,iPhone get Skype video now
  • Seems to run very smooth


  • Allows anyone to process credit card payments
  • No merchant account needed
  • Great for personal transactions, and people with clients.
Universal Speculation

Samsung Galaxy Player

  • to be unveiled at CES
  • 8, 16, 32 GB options, with micro SD for addition storage
  • challenger to the iPod touch
  • try android OS with no contract on this device
  • Android 2.2

Chromium in the water supply

  • Chromium 6(Hexavalent Chromium) was found in 31 cities with 35 being tested
  • EPA does not know how much Chromium is considered safe for human consumption.
  • Current water treatment methods allow us to keep most levels below 12 ppb
  • Out of all the cities tested Norman, Okla. had a whopping 12.9 ppb
  • Prolonged exposure to chromium-6 brings on an increased risk of developing cancer through inhalation. The inhalation of hexavalent chromium can cause problems in the nose, lungs and throat. It can also cause irritation to the skin and eyes over extended periods of time.

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