Trouble in Myspace
By Christopher Weaver

MySpace goes through changes forcing them to layoff 50% of their employees.

It seems as if all is not well in the world of Myspace. The owner company News Corp. is putting the screws to Myspace, which in turn is causing them to plan a massive company overhaul. This restructuring could possibly result in up to 50% of their 1100 employees losing their job. Myspace has yet to comment on how exactly the change will occur and effect its employees. After their mandatory week off for the holidays I’m sure there are a few of those employees that are just hoping to have a job into the new year.

This is an interesting turn of events, a few years ago MySpace was the number one go to place for social media, and now they are on the brink of failure. It is a perfect example of internet evolution, MySpace had its predecessors but seemed to grab hold of the world a bit more and push the old out. Then along comes Facebook and revolutionizes the social network experience as we know it. I think the reason for this is the aggressive change that Facebook always seems to be making. To try and push forward and make the experience that much more inviting, whereas Myspace seemed to be  a stagnant pool for some time. The result from this, the big fish swallows the little fish, and Facebook allowed MySpace users to move their accounts over and not have to totally recreate them.

We will have to wait and see whether Myspace grabs hold as an entertainment hub with a potentially crippled staff, gets bought, or whithers away into the abyss. I hope that they can stay afloat and keep providing jobs for our economy, keep your head up Myspace.

Google AdWords Statistics
  • MySpace Global Monthly Searches: 83,100,000
  • FaceBook Global Monthly Searches : 2,060,000,000

It’s easy to see the significant difference between traffic among these two keywords.

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