Apple Gives WikiLeaks the Boot.
By James Lenhart


I’m sure you’ve heard about Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, and pretty much any other major financial institution cutting WikiLeaks from their services. Now add Apple to the list. On Tuesday, Apple announced that WikiLeaks was in violation of Apple’s terms of service.

Apple Spokeswoman said that apps must “comply with all local laws and may not put an individual or group in harm’s way.” I would definitely say WikiLeaks did a good job at putting many people in harm’s way including themselves. A couple of weeks ago Paypal froze over $30,000.00 in the WikiLeaks account. This money has been released back to WikiLeaks, but most services have not been extended for them to use. It is still unclear why Apple approved this app to begin with. They have strict guidelines when it comes to the iTunes Store so I wonder how something like this slipped by. On the other hand Android is unaffected so if you absolutely need to indulge in this type of behavior there’s your option.

allGeek’s brand does not participate in political type discussions, but I thought this topic was suiting for the geeks out there. I have very strong opinions against WikiLeaks, and the type of information they promote. It’s one thing to use your freedom of speech and information, but to jeopardize the lives and national security of thousands if not millions of people is wrong. I am not just talking about the U.S, I am talking about the security of other nations. It reminds me of being in elementary school, and one kid ruins the fun for everyone.

I hope the Government’s out there understand the flaws and security risks associated with this type of information being leaked. Hopefully classified information will be handled and transmitted differently for the future. I don’t want any government forming new laws to lock down the already controlled internet. There are certain reasons that information needs to be kept private, just like when you save a document with passwords in it. You would not want that information posted on Facebook would you?

That’s essentially what this idiot has done.

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