Facebook Goes Down on Twitter.
By James Lenhart


Facebook was forced to take down their site after some code was leaked to the public on Dec. 17th, 2010 for approx. 30 minutes. Facebook announced everything would be back to normal via Twitter, and apologized. Apparently there were internal prototypes that were accidentally released. The new updates to the site include:

  • A More Detailed Profile
  • Display Photos
  • Highlight Friends

It’s always a stressful day in the I.T. department when something like this happens. Especially a site of this caliber. I wonder what kind of thoughts and stresses took place at Facebook yesterday. It’s become clear that the shutdown was voluntarily, but I wonder if Mark was the one who came up with idea. I’m sure it could have been a team decision, but it’s pretty serious when a 550+ million member site goes down.

It’s good they detected a problem and decided to take it down before the site was vulnerable to attack. Sooo…. good job Facebook.

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