Meet Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year for 2010
By James Lenhart


As 2010 starts to wrap up we get to watch all those Top 100 Countdown’s for Songs, People, and Moments. It’s a dream of some to be one of those people, and today marks a day that won’t be forgotten (atleast for Mark Zuckerberg). Time magazine’s Person of the Year is Mark, and I would agree that it’s fitting for the “time”. It’s been a short road for Mr. Zuckerberg. Starting with basically nothing in a college dorm room in 2004 to working in a gigantic think tank full of ideas, and productivity 7 years later. Not to mention a spectacular geek film made this year about Mark Zuckerberg titled “The Social Network”. So how does one achieve this type of social status? Simple, create the best social networking platform.

Some may say he’s had it easy, and I would have to disagree. Mark has a brilliant mind and there were thousands of people with the same idea, but look who rose to the top. He’s dealt with numerous law suits including those from his best friend, and continues to be plagued by people who want their “share”. If you are in your 20’s, Mark Zuckerberg is an icon of your generation. He represents the last type of geek who knew the world before the internet. I hope to see continued dedication and hard work from Mark in the upcoming years.

Congrats Man!

Sources: Time Magazine

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