Microsoft Kinect makes Minority Report reality
By Christopher Weaver

Minority Report, a movie most of us have seen(and if you haven’t you better do it now) and love. The futuristic way the computers operated has always stuck out in my mind. We have all been marveled by the thought of this technology being in our lives. Well today we have something so close, I want to reach out and grab it. The Microsft Kinect has been  hacked and the interface used to create the effect used in the movie. You can watch the movie below at how pictures are moved around and thrown to the side, and how the 3d imaging is detecting those movements. It is quite interesting. I don’t wonder why Microsoft would hold back certain aspects of their technology, I do wonder how much more this device is capable of. If only more things were open source, there would be so many more innovations in technology. There are so few new things to invent, only things to add new ideas onto. Maybe someone will do something beyond Microsoft’s wildest dreams with their device and they will welcome the idea of open source, haha never. Or maybe someone will develop this technology elsewhere and steal all their sweet profits with a better product. Well we can dream, innovation is exciting in tech so pick up a book and maybe you’ll be the next innovator.

[youtube tlLschoMhuE Kinect Hand Detection]

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