allGeek Every Week
By James Lenhart


Just wanted to inform everyone about the podcast and what is happening with it. Right now we are working on getting equipment and finalizing a few more aspects of the show. Take a listen to my quick explanation of what were doing. The next post you’ll see in this category will be the OFFICIAL first episode for allGeek Every Week.

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  • Destinie Simmerson

    Very nice! You said “Umm.” only 11 times :0) Also, good luck with this whole gig!! Sounds awesome and I know Chris is into it. Gives him a better excuse to buy new games. “I gotta give a review on it.” I don’t know what any of these HTML tags and attributes below me mean however, it’s really cool that you let people use them too. It’s nice to share things.


  • jameslenhart

    lol well thanks for your comment, be sure to check out the most recent podcast which would be E03 at the time this was wrote.