Angry Birds: Seasons
By Chris West


The people over at Rovio promised a Christmas edition of their popular mobile game, Angry Birds.  They came through on their promise, but the new app is titled “Angry Birds Seasons.”  This new app is said to include all current seasons of the game, and that updates will bring you all new seasons.  It is unclear to me at this point if the new seasons will require in app purchase, but no new apps will need to be downloaded.


When you enter the game, the title screen of the last season you played will be displayed


Once you are at the title, simply push play and you will be given a select screen where you can select what season you want to play, and there are a few other things in the there such as link to buy angry birds plush toys.


When the “Season’s Greetings” mode is selected, a level select screen is displayed.  There are 25 levels for the 25 days leading up to and including Christmas.


The levels must be played in order, and only one level is allowed to be beaten per day.  If you try to play a level that is not available yet, you will get an error screen.


I’m assuming that when you make it through all 25 days, you will receive a present.  The second page of the level select screen shows this.


The levels feel very familiar, and gameplay is identical.  The christmas season has some new snow-blocks, which all birds pass straight through.  There are also some presents added, when when hit give a score bonus relative to the size of the present.


Once you beat all the levels you are allowed in the “Season’s Greetings” levels, you can of course switch over to the halloween levels by pressing the back button a few times, and those levels play as usual.


Overall I think the ideas behind daily level unlocks and a combined “Seasons” package were solid.  This is a truly addictive game and this is a nice addition.  If there is any interest, I will add some updates and some insight into future levels and even the present that is unlocked on christmas.

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