OnLive: The “Steam” of Consoles?
By Chris West


Any PC gamer can tell you all about Steam.  They might like it, they might hate it, but it’s definitely a part of a PC gamer’s world.  The opposite is true for someone who plays on a console.  This person’s living room is filled with stacks of games.  It looks as though OnLive plans to change this.

OnLive offers a console that can be connected to any TV, and it offers the ability to buy and play your games wirelessly via internet.  No need to actually have a physical disc.  It even offers free trials of most games so that you can check them out before you actually buy them.  There is also a $9.99/month service plan, in which certain games are always free to play, similar to the Netflix on demand plan.

Overall, OnLive seems to have a pretty good service going.  There is a large selection of games to choose from, any xbox compatible gamepad works with the console, and you can even log into your account on a Mac or PC to play your games.  Head on over to their site and check ’em out if you are looking for a new gaming alternative.


OnLive Website
OnLive on YouTube

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