Googling Pirates Beware
By Christopher Weaver


Today marks a new effort to rid the internet of piracy. Internet giant Google, has declared war, so to speak, in a statement released today.  They will be taking down pirated content withing 24 hours if the copyright holder requests it.  The auto search feature will no longer display what is thought to be phrases used to find illegal content.  Google will make a further push for authorized content, giving consumers a reliable source to buy digital media. I know there needs to be changes made, but it makes me wonder; if only certain content providers will be “authorized” then what happens to the others? A form of censorship in a world that is about sharing of information is a step I would be weary of. So if you are an internet pirate out there cruising for free, maybe Google won’t be your stop anymore.

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  • chris.west

    Well there are plenty of other search engines out there. Seems weird that google is allowed to tell us what we were actually looking for. It’s going to be like the little “Did you mean ______?” but instead of offering the correct spelling, a cop knocks on your door……

  • chrisweaver

    My sentiments exactly….not that I have ever been a pirate(or have I), but really it once it begins it is impossible to draw the line. Censorship is an evil thing.