Arghh! No more file sharing?
By James Lenhart


Who knew Pirate Bay was the largest Search Engine for pirated media. According to Monique Wadsted an attorney representing American record companies told Swedish News, “In two years, this type of piracy will be over. After a ruling like this and all the pioneers start to get older and have children and families, piracy won’t occur to this extent”.  In two years you will have the next generation of  pirates who will just use cloud computing at its finest. Trust me media companies, you’re fighting a battle that will take much more then a couple court hearings to solve. You need to make content easier and cheaper to get. If you quit worrying about DRM (digital rights management) and start focusing on  digital media with the ability to access it anywhere in the cloud, you will have a business model that would blast you into the stratosphere. But until then, Arghh matey!

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  • chris.west

    There are so many ways to get what you want legally and for pretty cheap. For example, I use Netflix and can watch pretty much any movie I want for a pretty low price. Services like Gamefly and OnLive offer cheap solutions for games (although I prefer to buy them as I am a bit of a collector). And I use Pandora and GrooveShark almost every day to listen to all the free music I want.

    I feel like everything is going to be headed in this direction in the future, regardless of pirating. As everyone becomes connected to the internet, and connection speeds get faster and faster, we get closer to an age of instant everything. Always connected, instant delivery of almost anything we can think of. Once this truly happens, I believe piracy will be more of a novelty than necessity.