Phone Wars
By James Lenhart


Right now we are in the middle of what I would like to call a “Phone War”. You have 3 major players worth mentioning. Apple,Microsoft,and Google. Each make there own brand of operating system, and each bring a unique twist to the market. With so much diversity its hard for the end user (you) to figure out what phone to get. The majority of people who are buying these types of phones want to stay connected with Facebook,Twitter, and other social avenues. Maybe you like to stream Pandora, or Maybe your into taking pictures and sharing it with the world, or maybe you just want the ability to check your email and surf the web. Whatever it is that you like to do, trust me it can be done on iOS,Android,or Windows Phone.

Who does it best? That’s a question that’s hard to answer. If you don’t care or don’t have the need for tons of options, I would steer away from Android. iPhone’s iOS is more ideal for the tech savvy customer who wants a more controlled user environment. Android on the other hand is filled with many customization options with the ability to do an array of tasks, some of which were not even designed for the phone that you purchased. Which brings me to a major point between the two, Apple makes only one phone and one OS. Google on the other hand has distributed Android OS on many different carriers, and phone manufacturers. This does not make Android bad by any means, I personally use a device with Android on it and wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. However, you will run into many iPhone users who say the same thing.

This leaves good old Microsoft. Recently Microsoft has released there new Windows Phone 7 which replaces the former Windows Mobile OS you may have been used to hearing in the past. Ive not had a chance to even play with these devices so I cannot say anything bad nor good about the phone. However, a lot of great reviews are coming out for these phones, and I cant wait to see what will develop of this new OS. Microsoft has really taken a beating over the years in the mobile department, so it’s good to see them coming back strong. I would strongly suggest giving this new Windows Phone 7 at least a year (to work out bugs) before signing a 2-year contract with any carrier.

Let me end this post by saying most of the apps in Android marketplace are free. So if you’re poor like me get yourself an Android phone, and you can’t go wrong.

Microsoft’s list of Windows Phone 7 phones

T-Mobiles Comparison of Android phones

Verizon Wireless List of Android phones – Droid Incredible is my personal Favorite with the Droid X falling just behind.

If you’re on at&t chances are your looking for an iPhone :) However they have a nice selection of all three operating systems.

I hope this helped and didn’t confuse you more. I predict things will settle down a year from now. Until then be safe out there, its CRAZY!

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